Buffalo Bills beat Detroit Lions with Thanksgiving field goal in final seconds


The Buffalo Bills defeated the Detroit Lions 28-25 with a win sealed by a 45-yard field goal in the closing seconds of their Thanksgiving clash.

It was a tense affair at Ford Field with both sides on the scoreboard together the entire time. The Lions appeared to have earned a tie when their substitute Michael Badgley made a field goal with 23 seconds left, leaving both teams by 25 points.

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But visiting quarterback Josh Allen threw a 36-yarder to wide receiver Stefon Diggs that Tyler Bass set up for his own field goal, which sealed the win with just two seconds left in Detroit.

Meanwhile, in Texas, the Dallas Cowboys faced the New York Giants 28-20.

Giants coach Brian Daboll was frustrated with the umpires’ decision to take away his team’s first potential touchdown of the game, as offensive guard Tire Phillips was flagged as an ineligible receiver.

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Giants wide receiver Richie James scored a touchdown in the closing seconds of the game, but the Cowboys still finished with an eight-point lead after accumulating four touchdowns.

And in Minneapolis, the Minnesota Vikings beat the New England Patriots 33-26.

Despite leading most of the game, the Patriots were outscored by the Vikings in the fourth quarter.

A field goal from placekicker Greg Joseph and a touchdown from wide receiver Adam Thielan brought it home for the Vikings.

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