Business Talk – 21st Century CEO Chris Blair Discusses the Importance of Consulting Services


Chris Blair is the CEO of 21st Century, the largest HR consultancy in Southern Africa, and has advised more than 1,000 organizations in Southern Africa and internationally.

He specializes in executive compensation, variable compensation, incentive schemes and many other compensation-related areas.

His vast experience and in-depth knowledge of these topics position him as one of the foremost experts in his industry.

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In this episode of Business Talk, sponsored by Sage, Blair discusses the importance of companies using consulting firms to structure their executive compensation packages.

He unpacks the key mistakes he’s seen companies make when structuring these packages.

Blair notes that it is especially important in South Africa to get executive compensation packages right, as it is one of the most unequal countries in the world.

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He concludes by detailing how long-term incentives for executives are essential for creating stable, sustainable companies that will make a positive contribution to the South African economy.

The full interview with Chris Blair can be viewed below.