ByKilian’s Apple brand On The Rocks and L’Heure Verte are based in two iconic cities


Kilian Hennessy, two new fragrances for his fragrance brand Kilian Paris are inspired by New York and Paris, cities in which the perfume designer often finds himself. Apple Brandy on the Rocks and L’Heure Verte – which means happy hour – aren’t just city-based, they’re nightlife-based too, just in time for a slowly opening world for nightlife. in the city.

When Hennessey creates a perfume, he and his olfactory team do so with the utmost luxury and elegance. Apple Brand on the Rocks is based on the all-American apple liqueur, while L’Heure Verte is, according to the house: an anthem to absinthe, a classic Parisian liqueur. Kilian knows liqueurs all too well. He is the heir to the famous family brand of Hennessy cognac. And this is not the first time that Kilian has created perfumes inspired by liqueurs.

To create Apple Brandy, Kilian worked with perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur eight years ago to open the house’s flagship story in New York. But Apple Brandy on the Rocks has an added elevation of an icy alcoholic delight that reflects Kilian’s character, with a blend of bergamot, pineapple and cardamom. This rebranding on Apple Brandy is more modern in its notes. The scent is able to capture the elegance of the “Big Apple”, the nickname of New York City and its legendary nightlife.

L’Heure Verte’s opening notes turn heads with the essence of wormwood and earthy tones of vetiver and sandalwood. Kilian collaborated with French perfumer Mathieu Nardin to express the best of Paris in a fragrance. Inspired by the early evening, the absinthe is served over sugar, but in a glass and swirling, the liquid turns pastel green. The perfume has its own green tint representing a Parisian mist, and depending on the house: a painting by Van Gogh comes to life.