CA Dem Says Republicans ‘Uneducated’, ‘Prone to Conspiracy’


California Democrat Jay Chen, who is running for Congress against Rep. Michelle Steel (R-CA), beat up Republican voters, calling them “uneducated” and “prone to conspiracy theories.”

Chen’s comments came during a zoom talk hosted by Indivisible Sonoma, a radical organization that claims to be fighting “an existential battle against American fascism perpetrated by the Republican Party.”

Speaking on Critical Race Theory (CRT), the California Democrat claimed there is a “broad attack on public education.”

chen said:

You know, there’s just been a broad attack on public education. These accusations that “oh, you know everything – if you teach American history when you teach about our history, like the Japanese-American internment, that’s the critical race theory and that makes people feel bad so we can teach it. ” You know, “our teachers indoctrinate our students.”

Chen then admitted that he would face attacks from those who oppose CRT:

You know, I will unfortunately receive some of these attacks. They’re going to argue that because our school district was teaching Chinese, that meant we were trying to indoctrinate our students into communism. Literally that will be one of the attack points they are going to come up with.

After his comments on CRT, Chen continued to bashing Republican voters. chen said:

But it’s part of this broader attack to delegitimize public education, because frankly, that improves, that increases their voter count. If you have people who are uneducated and prone to conspiracy theories, they will join the Republican Party.

Chen’s comments about Republican voters aren’t the first time the Democrat has come under fire for his careless comments.

More than 20 Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) advocacy groups protested outside Chen’s office for his “racist” comments about Rep. steal.

Chen has joked about Steel’s accent before, saying, “You need some sort of interpreter to figure out exactly what she’s saying.”

Jordan Dixon-Hamilton is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write it down [email protected] or follow him Twitter.


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