Caddick had ‘big bag of money’ hidden in hotel: husband



Fraudster Melissa Caddick may have had a “thick wad of money hidden under the bed” and was hiding in a cheap hotel, her husband told police shortly after she disappeared.

Detective Sergeant Michael Kyneur returned to NSW Coroners Court in Lidcombe on Wednesday for his second day of evidence after taking charge of the investigation into the missing conwoman.

Louise Coleman, junior counsel assisting the coroner, took the police officer to his second interview with the part-time DJ and hairdresser on Nov. 24, 2020.

“Okay, where do you think she is?” Det Sgt Kyneur reads from the transcript of the interview.

“I have no idea where she is… If she shows up, she will appear in court,” Koletti said at the time.

“Friday the 27th will be the day she’s going to rock.”

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“Okay, why hasn’t she contacted you?” Det Sgt Kyneur continues.

“Because it’s not necessary, do you think she wants to deal with the fucking storm I’m dealing with?” said Mr. Koletti.

“That’s extraordinary, your wife is missing,” the detective replied.

Mrs. Coleman asks if it is fair to say that he does not accept Mr. Koletti’s theory.

“I’ve always questioned his versions, whether he had any information that she was safe and sound and didn’t share it with the police,” he said.

Koletti also offered a theory that she was staying at the Meriton in Bondi Junction.

“It was a pretty big place for us in our early years,” he said.

“She would be in a hotel, but it would be a low budget because she has no ID.

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“She could have a big pile of cash under the bed for all I know. She is resourceful.”

Det Sgt Kyneur knew at this stage that the Meriton in Bondi had not registered that Mrs Caddick had ever stayed, but he did not raise this with Mr Koletti.

“I saw no merit in continuing. He was not a suspect. I just took over the information from the interrogation,” the witness said.

But early on, he was suspicious.

“I thought he knew something because of the confusion, he couldn’t keep his story straight,” he said.

Before replacing Det Sgt Kyneur as OIC of the investigation, he did not notify the murder team or set up a crime scene.

“There was no evidence of any fighting or violence or murder,” he said.

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The Australian Securities and Investments Commission raided Ms Caddick’s mansion in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on 11 November 2021. This is the last verified sighting of the conwoman.

The next morning, she would reportedly leave in the early hours to exercise. About 30 hours later, her husband Anthony Koletti informed police that she had never returned.

Barrister Judy Swan, acting for Mr. Koletti, asked the witness if people could provide confusing evidence when they experience trauma.

“Yes,” Detective Kyneur said.

“It’s not uncommon for a witness to sometimes give different answers when they’re under stress?” said Mrs Swan.

“Right,” he replied.

He also agreed that Mr Koletti was enthusiastic about the involvement of the police.

The inquest for Deputy Coroner Elizabeth Ryan continues.