‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ launch week patch notes: nerfs and more


The launch is behind us, and now the tweaking begins. Call of Duty: Cold War Black Ops released worldwide last Friday, and we now have our first set of patch notes as millions of players test all their new toys in the game’s various modes and, necessarily, locate bugs and overpowered weapons. Let’s see what Treyarch decided to change here in week one.

First off, we have a bunch of nerfs, in addition to the MP5 nerf that came out before the patch. One of the most important is the FFAR1 Assault Rifle, which sees significant reduction in max damage and maximum damage range, as well as increased recoil to make it more difficult to wield from a distance. Snipers also have a versatile nerf that adjusts sprint time to shot time and how fast you move while shooting.

Some mild buffs include the Magnum, M60, and DMR 14.

Scorestreaks also had a major overhaul, with cost adjustments, efficiency tweaks, and all kinds of changes overall. Let’s take a look at these:

Combat bow

  • Reduced ammo from 5 to 4.

Care package

  • Increased cost from 1800 to 2000.

Sentinel turret

  • Cost reduced from 2000 to 1800.

Napalm strike

  • Increased cost from 2100 to 2500.

Air patrol

  • Cost reduced from 3200 to 2700.


  • Increased cost from 2500 to 3000.

Cruise missile

  • Increased cost from 2600 to 3500.

War machine

  • Increased cost from 3500 to 4000.

Attack helicopter

  • Increased cost from 4000 to 4500.
  • Increased damage from 50 to 75 per bullet.
  • Increased health from 4500 to 5000.
  • Decreased duration of screen shake following bullet holes.
  • Reduced the amount of time the helicopter will stay in one location before moving.

VTOL escort

  • Cost reduced from 8,500 to 8,000.
  • Increased turret burst length and reduced cooldown.

Chopper gunner

  • Increased cost from 6000 to 6500.
  • Reduced gun movement when firing.

There are some pretty big changes in there, so we’ll see how that affects things in the future.

After that, it’s the usual suite of bug fixes and the like, which you can read in the full patch notes here. Nothing very remarkable, it does not seem. I haven’t played enough zombies to start playing it yet, but it looks like the developer has cracked down on some places where “the player might leave the intended play space”.

And that’s the main thing. The first week patch notes were always going to be mostly tweaks and nerfs, with the most interesting things to come later.


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