Calling on the people of Tunisia to regain sovereignty


Following the conclusion of the 18th Francophone Summit in Tunisia, the general coordinator of the Swiss initiative to support democracy in Tunisia, Anouar Gharbi, called on the Tunisian people to defend their economic, cultural and political interests and to be extremely wary of the French government policy towards the North African country.

Gharbi, foreign affairs adviser to former President Moncef Marzouki, said there is ample evidence of “growing French intervention in Tunisia’s internal affairs”.

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He added: “It took France more than a century to build its democracy after the French Revolution; why are Macron and France trying to deny Tunisians the same development?”

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Gharbi warned of the role of Tunisia’s francophone elite, whom France relies on for its understanding of Tunisian politics. Part of this elite is so politically and culturally subservient to France that some of its members have demanded direct French intervention to save the country.

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Most Tunisians aspire to a modern state that embraces the values ​​of Islamic civilization and universal rights. However, this is a cultural, educational, political and civic effort that the Tunisian people must undertake themselves, he said.

“We urgently need to restore our sovereignty and our independent decision-making in Tunisia,” Gharbi affirmed.


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