Canceling culture doesn’t have to mean offending people’s art is ‘burned’, says Hugh Bonneville


“But in fact, the art he produced was memorable in our contemporary culture.

“So I think there is certainly a discussion to be had, and a discussion that needs to keep these things in balance without in any way forgiving the [offensive] views. “

When asked if Dahl’s anti-Semitic views interfered with his portrayal of the writer, Bonneville explained that he found a “balance.”

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He said, “You have to balance the work someone creates and the personality.

“You despise the person’s opinions, but the work they produce may be of the highest art form or at least the popular art form.

“We denounce, of course, the opinion [Dahl] expressed and the family have recently expressed their disapproval, but you can’t fit that into a performance because it is irrelevant to that particular performance.

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“The article in question in which he wrote these opinions was decades later, I believe.

“It was indeed not a chapter in his life that I knew until it happened last year if I’m really being honest.

In December of last year, Dahl’s family apologized for the deceased storyteller’s offensive comments about the Jewish people.

Hollywood mogul Weinstein, 68, has been exposed as a sexual predator in the wake of the Me Too movement, having produced some of the film industry’s biggest blockbusters during his career.

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