Cape Town City customers will participate in Stage 1 of the load shedding as the country moves to Stage 2


By Theolin Tembo 20 min ago

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Cape Town – As Eskom announced the offloading of stage 2 from noon today to 11 p.m. Sunday, the city of Cape Town said its customers would be on stage 1.

Eskom said the load shedding was necessary due to the loss of production capacity overnight.

“Load shedding is also necessary to manage the use of emergency reserves, which will help contain the necessary load shedding step,” Eskom said.

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Eskom said the system remains vulnerable and unpredictable and that in the event of further outages, the stage of the load shedding could change in the short term.

Eskom said two production units and the Kusile power plant tripped due to the failure of the main coal feed conveyor belts supplying coal to the units.

“In addition, a unit of the Kriel and Dubvha stumbled due to unforeseen blackouts.

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“Four generation units have not yet returned to service due to delays.

“Eskom staff are working to get these units back to capacity,” he said.

Eskom said it has 5,358 MW of scheduled maintenance, while an additional 14,748 MW of capacity was not available due to unplanned maintenance and outage delays.

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The city of Cape Town posted on Twitter that it was able to protect its customers from a stage of the load shedding.

“Customers supplied by the city will participate in stage 1 of the load shedding from 12:00 to midnight tonight, January 14… Customers supplied by Eskom will be on stage 2 from 12:00 noon.”

Check out the map below to find out when you’ll be affected:

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