Cape Town criticizes ANC for comments on metro cops’ assault on disabled man


By Theolin Tembo November 20, 2020

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Cape Town – JP Smith lashed out at the ANC, who said the city’s metro police were behaving like those in the apartheid era, following an incident where police in the metro was filmed throwing a disabled man out of his wheelchair.

Smith, a Mayco member for safety and security, said city management had approached the matter with urgency.

Cape Town’s ANC caucus expressed outrage on Thursday at what it called the latest example of a culture of brutality, cruelty and utter disregard for human rights.

“We are shocked by this cruelty, which reminds us of the human rights violations of the apartheid police. We have seen other examples of this callousness on the part of the metro police, which is led by a person who cut his teeth in the old police force, ”the ANC said.

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“Like the apartheid police, the metro police behave with impunity.”

The party said Mayor Dan Plato and Smith must shoulder their responsibilities.

“They, along with former policeman Robbie Robberts, who heads up the metro police, must resign immediately. We also call on the Commission on Human Rights to immediately investigate this atrocity. “

Smith responded on Friday by stating that there is “unfortunately no hypocrisy in which the ANC will not engage in, and that it is matched only by its willingness to engage in disinformation.”

“The City does not tolerate the behavior of officers in the video, regardless of the context.

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“It is for this reason that our executive director, Richard Bosman, has suspended the two subway policemen while the full investigation unfolds. The City confirms that its leaders have addressed the issue with urgency and will continue to do so.

He said the ANC caucus statement mistakenly lists Petrus Robberts as Director of the Metropolitan Police and wrongly calls for his impeachment because the Metropolitan Police Department is headed by Chief Wayne le Roux.

“Apart from the fact that the wrong official is identified as leading the metro police, the biggest problem is that the few incidents each year of complaints against the conduct of traffic officials, law enforcement or law enforcement officials. metro police are pale compared to the absolutely appalling statistics presented by the Independent Police Investigations Directorate (IPID) in relation to SAPS with more than 828 incidents of police brutality, murders, rapes, assaults and other serious crimes committed by the national police under ANC control, reported in just 40 days during part of their recent lockdown, ”Smith said.

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“The City of Cape Town has an excellent disciplinary record and takes prompt action against staff members when they are accused of wrongdoing. When the facts subsequently emerged, they often showed a very different picture than the original claim or the original selective distribution of video footage.

Smith then criticized Police Minister Bheki Cele “for saying there is no problem with police brutality in the SAPS even after shocking statistics are presented and where disciplinary cases are often completely ignored and that no action is taken “.

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