Car drives through the window of a sushi restaurant on a busy main street


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The car drove onto the footpath and crashed into 194 Eatery on Trafalgar St.

The car drove onto the footpath and crashed into 194 Eatery on Trafalgar St.
Photo: Stuff/Braden Fastier

On a busy shopping street, a car drove onto the sidewalk, narrowly missing two al fresco diners and crashing through a restaurant window.

Jordan Scherer and his friend sat at the single table outside 194 Eatery on Trafalgar Street, in Nelson, shortly before 4pm Friday.

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Scherer hadn’t paid attention to the car parked a few yards away, opposite the restaurant.

“I sat outside on the couch. [The driver] just revved and went full steam ahead in the shop.

“It happened in half a second.”

Scherer and his friend were flooded with glass. Despite a number of people on the street, no one was injured, he said.

First, Scherer was “panicked.” He then made sure the driver was okay.

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“She was definitely in distress. I felt really bad for her.”

Scherer said he felt fine — if a little shaken.

“Maybe I’ll buy a Lotto ticket.”

The owner of the restaurant, who called himself Young, was in the diner at the time. He heard a crash and then saw the car.

Young was thankful that the two customers in the restaurant were sitting away from the back seat at the time, he said.

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He didn’t know if the eatery would open on Saturday, he said.

* This story originally appeared on Stuff.


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