Caroline Mutoko goes wild after the Naomi Campbell saga [VIDEO]


Media personality Caroline Mutoko, Wednesday, January 13, reacted to the appointment of international model Naomi Campbell to the tourist office.

In a video she shared, the former radio host expressed her disaffection with how a section of TBEN trolled Campbell online after her appointment.

Mutoko argued that the country has always coughed up bile whenever such appointments were made, including in 2017 when Ugandan singer Eddy Kenzo was appointed brand ambassador for Magical Kenya.

She took issue with the lopsided criticism from TBEN, saying that in 2015 Sauti Sol was appointed brand ambassadors for the South Africa tourism board, and no one complained, neither in Kenya nor in the south of the country.

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Tourism CS Najib Balala (left) takes a selfie with supermodel Naomi Campbell on the coast.


“When South Africa was looking for icons for Kenya, to sell their products, they chose Sauti Sol, you didn’t (complain) about that and you didn’t see Sauti sol moaning either.

“Are we so ignorant that we don’t understand. So why do we display our ignorance so boldly and loudly and then coat it with a little gall and arrogance to boot? Why? She questioned.

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She also noted that Dubai has doubled the star rating to drive traffic to their exquisite destinations regardless of nationality.

She also explained that Campbell had proven her love for Kenya, by making three trips to the country so far and shouting out to the world about it.

“From the moment she lands she tweets and she’s usually in Malindi. She’s a friend of Kenya. How we reacted to this international icon who has always chosen this country, we must be ashamed of ourselves,” added Mutoko.

There was a huge backlash on Tuesday, January 12, after Tourism CS Najib Balala appointed Campbell Ambassador for International Magical Tourism in Kenya.

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The case evolved for most of Tuesday morning, with a number of netizens voicing disappointment at the choice, saying a number of TBEN would have clinched the position.

“Lupita Nyong’o would have made Kenya a better magical international ambassador compared to Naomi Campbell. Well that’s exactly what I think, ”political scientist Bravin Yuri said.

The tourism ministry said the new role of the international model will be to help promote and market Kenya as an ideal destination for tourism and travel.

Below is the video:


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