Cartier’s Pur Magnolia and Pure Rose are the perfect summer scents


Cartier is the only jewelery house with its own perfumer, Mathilde Laurent. Going back to the 1980s for fragrances and the 1800s for fashion, the brand has created some of the most top-notch perfumes over the past 30+ years. Laurent creates Cartier fragrances such as Pure Rose and Pur Magnolia that capture the essence of flowers, but in a bold way for the mature woman.

“Bottling the delicate fragrance of life to provide the original pleasure of enjoying nature,” says Laurent, that’s what she can do. She has been able to see perfume as: haute joaillerie– the French word for high jewelry – but as if it were alive. And this is what she did for the Les Épures De Parfum collection – she saw the trio as irresistible jewels.

A fragrance in the collection, Pur Magnolia, is “a magnolia without romance for a change, as if hanging from a tree, refined with freshness and full of radiance,” notes the house. It is not a pure magnolia fragrance. There’s something citrusy about it, as Laurent has intertwined citrus for the top notes and magnolia for the base notes.

Pur Magnolia is for men and women and comes in a tall bottle with a white top and lavender decoration at the base of the top.

Another Cartier fragrance from another flower is pure rose. Also from the Les Épures De Parfum collection, it is conceived as a “completely naked rose” fragrance. It’s fresh, something about it makes you feel like you’re in a garden with morning dew on rose petals. It is a rose scent that is not suitable for everyone due to its strong rose essence. For the women who can handle it, it will turn heads.

It comes in the same bottle as Pur Magnolia, but with a baby pink decorative cord around the base of the top.