Carville: Trump is done – he’s in jail soon


Democratic consultant and political commentator James Carville predicted Tuesday on the podcast “Conversations with Bill Kristol” that former President Donald Trump will not be the 2024 Republican nominee because he will soon be in prison.

Carville said, “He’s done. After all this obsession, of all those years of him occupying the front part of your mind, when you think about it you just wonder how fast it will go before he goes to jail. He’s not going to be the Republican nominee at all. We saw what the post-Trump Republican Party looks like. Just go back and watch that Speaker’s race. This isn’t like, ‘Oh, thank God, Brent Scowcroft walked through the door again and everything will be as before.’ No, that’s not it. That will not happen.”

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He added, “I would say DeSantis would be slightly overrated. Underrated I would say Brian Kemp. Now, Cruz, Cotton, Josh Hawley, maybe. DeSantis, he’s been leading the way for a long time. And you know, in politics, the longer you hang around there, people start to smell odors. And believe me, the tripartite pack of Cruz, Hawley, Cotton – they don’t like DeSantis.

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Carville concluded, “Unlike a Bill Clinton or even a George W. Bush, DeSantis is not a people person, and it is well documented. And that counts in politics, especially if you’re going to be there for a long time and you’ve got a lot of party leaders and stuff that you need for these primaries. That’s a skill he doesn’t have. You don’t have to be a great guy, a good old boy, to be effective in governance, but it helps. And he isn’t.”

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