“Cases like Vyapam ruining education system,” Supreme Court says


The Supreme Court heard today a petition from the government of Karnataka. (Representative)

New Delhi:

India’s education system is “ruined by leaked question paper,” the Supreme Court said today when it heard a petition related to an order from the Karnataka High Court to give bail to the main defendants of ‘a 2016 paper leak case. The state government appealed to the Supreme Court to overturn the bond.

Delivering an opinion to the main defendant in the case – Shivakumariah – the Supreme Court asked: “Why shouldn’t this bond be canceled?” During the hearing, the high court also referred to the Madhya Pradesh Vyapam scam, which had made national headlines several years ago.

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“A case like that of Vyapam in Madhya Pradesh has twisted and perverted the education system,” the highest court said.

In March 2016, the state government of Karnataka filed a complaint about a lake of chemistry questions paper for a pre-college exam. The High Court recently granted bail to Shivkumariah, the main defendant in the case, and released another co-defendant Obalaraju.

The Supreme Court also today suspended the High Court’s order on the co-accused.


“We want to send a message. These people (who run away from questions) are ruining the education system. We come across cases where the education system is distorted and perverted. We know what happened in the Vyapam case in Madhya Pradesh. “Said Chief Justice SA Bobde mentioned.

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A three-judge bench consisting of Chief Justice SA Bobde, Justices AS Bopanna and V. Ramasubramanian were hearing the case.

Vyapam scam concerns irregularities in examinations organized by Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board, also known as Vyavasayik Pareeksha Mandal or Vyapam, for admission to vocational courses and state services over many years .

The scam made national headlines several years ago, with over 2,500 accused in various cases. In 2016, the Supreme Court ordered the CBI to investigate the scam.

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