Casey Affleck: “I’ve seen blonde and it’s unbelievable” — Venice


Casey Affleck praised Andrew Dominik’s upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic blond during a press conference for his latest film Dream Wild at the Venice Film Festival Wednesday.

“I have seen blond and it’s unbelievable,” Affleck told the press. “I’ve seen a few versions of blond and it took him [Dominik] a long time to get it out into the world. But that’s just how he is. He’s so slow with it. And it’s a great, beautiful movie.”

Affleck began discussing the NC-17-rated film after being asked about his relationship with the film’s director, Andrew Dominik, with whom he collaborated on The murder of Jesse Jameswhich also debuted in Venice.

Later in the press, Affleck discussed his work with Dominik on The murder of Jesse James when asked about his personal regrets and how they affected his performance in the music drama? Dream Wild.

“I’ve had my share of failures thus far. Lost hopes and shattered dreams. These aren’t the worst, but I’ve been in a lot of movies that I thought would be great and turned out not to be great,” he said. “When we brought” Jesse James here it was a nice warm reception but the rest of the world thought it was a total disaster. A failure of an expensive film. And for a while I thought to myself that my biggest achievement is to be in the Brad Pitt movie with the lowest box office.”

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Affleck later added that during his performance in Dream Wild.

Dream Wild Written and directed by Bill Pohlad, it tells the true story of instrumental and vocal duo Donnie and Joe Emerson. The film opens as Dreamin’ Wild – the album Donnie recorded with Joe as a teenager in 1979 – is rediscovered decades later and receives critical acclaim. As a result, the grown Donnie is forced to confront ghosts from the past and grapple with the emotional toll his dreams have taken on the family that supported him.

Pohlad, who is best known for his critically acclaimed second feature film, Love & Mercyon Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson, said he wasn’t originally interested in the Donnie and Joe Emerson story.

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“It sounded a little too much like” Looking for Sugar Man. I said no,” he said. “And then I listened to the music and read the article. But it was really about meeting the family. I met Donnie and the whole group and I was just mesmerized by them and what kind of people they were. You never meet these people in movies, so I wanted to take that on.”

In the film, Affleck plays Donnie Emerson and he said it was initially difficult to track down the musician before production began. “It’s harder than you can imagine getting Donnie,” he said. “He didn’t want to be on set too much, which was maybe out of politeness for us, because it might have been awkward. But I also think he had mixed feelings about the whole thing, as one might do.”

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Affleck added that when he finally found Donnie, he and his girlfriend traveled to his house and spent time with him and his family.

“That certainly communicated how I felt about him,” he said. “They were generous with their time, but Donnie said whatever you do will be fine with me.”

The film also stars Zooey Deschanel, Walton Goggins, Chris Messina, Noah Jupe, Jack Dylan Grazer and Beau Bridges.

Jim Burke (Green Book) of Innisfree Pictures co-produced the film with Kim Roth of River Road Entertainment (muddy), Pohlad and Viviana Vezzani of SPG3 (moonfall) and Karl Spoerri (The Old Man and the Gun). Affleck executive produced with Christa Workman (The American Utopia of David Byrne), Dan Clifton (Brightburn) and Steven Snyder.

SPG3 co-funded next to River Road.

blond debuts on the Lido September 8.

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