Caught on video: woman is violently assaulted in a Hollywood parking garage


A woman celebrating her birthday is now recovering after being brutally beaten in an attack captured on cell phone.

The incident took place in a parking garage near Las Palmas Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard.

Cynthia Stergious after the attack on the Hollywood parking garage.

“It didn’t have to escalate to that situation,” said Cynthia Stergious, who spoke with TBEN on Saturday, before meeting with Los Angeles Police Department detectives. “I don’t understand how anyone can be so cruel.”

Stergious, who received multiple blows to her face and body, said the attack in the parking garage happened early in the morning on Friday.

“I have stitches here. It hurts a little bit to talk a little bit. I have stitches here. I have a bruise on my leg. It’s huge,” she told TBEN’s Lauren Pozen.

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She said she and her friends had just celebrated her 26th birthday at Revel Lounge. As they all walked back to their cars across the street, she said two men were approaching them in the garage.

“Words were exchanged. I don’t know what was said when one of my friends was hit on the head,” Stergious said.

The 26-year-old said those same men then started berating her and more words were exchanged between her and the men. Shortly after, she said her mind was empty.

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The video of the attack is extremely graphic and difficult to watch.

“I only remember being knocked down. He punched me in the face. He punched me in the face repeatedly, but I was already unconscious at that point,” Stergious said.

She said one of the men hit her in front of a car and threatened to run her over. At that moment, her friends grabbed her body and pushed her aside.

In the wake of the attack, Stergious said she doesn’t understand why it all happened and wants the perpetrators off the street so that no other woman is put in this position.

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“I was already on the ground and he kept doing what he was doing, and on top of that he was ready to run me over the ground. He didn’t care,” she told TBEN.

An employee of the parking garage where the incident took place told TBEN there are cameras in the garage, although it’s unclear if they captured the attack.

Law enforcement arrested one of the men, 33-year-old Lancaster resident Dammion Adkinsfor his involvement in Wednesday’s attack.


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