CBI signals court to question Sachin Waze after ‘letter bomb’


Sachin Waze, 49, said he had expressed his inability to pay such a huge sum.


CBI received a nod from the court on Wednesday to question Sachin Waze over corruption allegations against former Maharashtra Home Secretary Anil Deshmukh as the suspended policeman launched a “bombshell letter” with damaging allegations against him and Minister of Shiv Sena Anil Parab.

On a related note, a report submitted by the Mumbai Police to the Home Office said Sachin Waze was reinstated in the Crime Intelligence Unit in June last year on insistence. of the then police commissioner, Param Bir Singh, despite the strong objection raised by the joint PC at the time. (criminality).

Sachin Waze, in the news since an explosives-laden SUV was found parked near industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s residence here at the end of February, continued to garner attention with new revelations about her and a handful of important people going out almost daily.

Sachin Waze claimed on Wednesday that Anil Deshmukh asked him for 2 crore rupees to continue his service in the Mumbai police and alleged Minister of State Anil Parab asked him to collect money from certain contractors in Mumbai.

Anil Parab refuted Sachin Waze’s claim. Sachin Waze, who was reinstated in the police department last year, made the sensational statement in a letter he attempted to submit to a special NIA tribunal.

However, Special Judge PR Sitre refused to take his letter into the file and asked him to follow the required procedure.

The suspended Deputy Police Inspector, charged in the explosives case and the subsequent death of businessman Mansukh Hiran, is currently being held by the NIA.

Anil Deshmukh, a senior NCP leader, resigned his post as interior minister on Monday after the Bombay High Court ordered a CBI investigation into the corruption allegations brought against him by the former police commissioner of Mumbai, Param Bir Singh.

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“I was duly reinstated in service on June 6, 2020. That shortly after my reinstatement, there were some agitators (people, who wanted to) cancel the reinstatement.”

Apparently, (NCP chairman) Sharad Pawar has been ordered to put me under suspension again.

“At that time, the Minister of the Interior at the time, sir (Anil Deshmukh), also told me that he was going to convince Pawar saheb and to that end he (Hm sir) asked me to pay Rs 2 crore, ”Sachin Waze said in the four-page document. handwritten letter.

Sachin Waze, 49, said he had expressed his inability to pay such a huge sum.

“I had expressed my inability to pay such an amount. With that, the Minister of the Interior asked me to pay in a later course,” he added.

Sachin Waze claimed that during a meeting at the Sahyadri guesthouse in south Mumbai, Anil Deshmukh asked him to look into a complaint related to the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust (SBUT) that was the subject of a preliminary investigation. SBUT is a non-profit organization tasked with carrying out a mega redevelopment project in the Bhendi Bazaar district of South Mumbai.

Anil Deshmukh had asked him to bring the SBUT administrators to him for “negotiation” about the investigation, said Sachin Waze.

“He also insisted on starting primary talks to get Rs 50 crore from SBUT in order to close said investigation. I had expressed my inability to do such things because I didn’t know anyone from SBUT and I didn’t have any either. . control of the investigation, ”added Sachin Waze.

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Sachin Waze’s letter claimed that in January 2021, Minister Anil Parab asked him to investigate an investigation against “fraudulent” entrepreneurs listed in the BMC and to collect at least Rs 2 crore from around 50 of these entrepreneurs.

Anil Parab, a Shiv Sena executive, rejected Sachin Waze’s claims and said he was ready to face any investigation into the allegations.

Speaking to reporters, Anil Parab said: “I swear on behalf of Supreme Shiv Sena Balasaheb Thackeray and my two daughters that I have done nothing wrong.”

He said there was a BJP strategy to denigrate the image of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and the MVA government.

“By targeting me, a close associate of the chief minister, they think they can put the government in trouble. BJP leaders have been saying for two days that another wicket will fall. This conspiracy was emerging this time around. “There, because they knew Sachin. Waze will give such a letter,” said Anil Parab.

The letter also claimed that Anil Deshmukh asked Sachin Waze to collect Rs 3 lakh to Rs 3.5 lakh each from about 1,650 bars and restaurants in Mumbai (this was also claimed by Sachin Waze earlier).

The suspended cop claimed to have informed then-police commissioner Param Bir Singh of these developments.

Meanwhile, a special NIA tribunal has authorized the CBI to question Sachin Waze as part of its preliminary inquiry (PE) launched to investigate the corruption allegations raised by Param Bir Singh against Anil Deshmukh.

The Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) had filed a petition in court seeking permission to question Sachin Waze, currently detained by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

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Judge Sitre heard the CBI’s plea while extending the NIA’s custody of Sachin Waze until April 9. Sachin Waze was arrested by the anti-terrorism agency on March 13.

Param Bir Singh had filed a petition to the HC calling for a CBI investigation against Anil Deshmukh, alleging that the head of the NCP asked Sachin Waze and other police officers to extort 100 crore rupees from bars and restaurants when he was minister inside. Anil Deshmukh had denied the allegations.

The Mumbai Police Report said Sachin Waze bypassed hierarchy and reported directly to the then Police Commissioner (read Param Bir Singh), and even attended briefings at ministerial level with the PC in important cases like TRP scam, DC (Dilip Chhabria) auto finance case, security scare case Mukesh Ambani.

The decision to reinstate “dating specialist” Sachin Waze, suspended after the alleged death of a bomb blast accused Khwaja Yunus in 2003, in the Bombay police, was taken at a meeting held on 5 June 2020.

The reason given for revoking the suspension of Sachin Waze and 56 other police and staff was a labor shortage due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The report said the then Joint Police Commissioner (Crime) had raised a strong objection to Sachin Waze’s posting to SDI. However, at the insistence of the then CP Mumbai (Param Bir Singh), the order was issued “out of power” on June 9 and Sachin Waze joined the CIU.

Meanwhile, statements from two Mumbai police officers have been recorded in connection with Param Bir Singh’s allegations against Anil Deshmukh, an official said.



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