CBSE to schools: update teacher information on OASIS before April 10


The Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) issued a notice to schools to update teacher information on the OASIS platform before April 10. Failure to do so would result in the Board of Directors taking the necessary action such as Affiliate Application Bylaws and Review Bylaws. The board may also impose a personal penalty of 50,000 on the school principal, the circular on the CBSE site mentioned.

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To ensure that the names of all teachers are available in OASIS, schools should take the following actions in accordance with the advice of the CBSE:

1) Schools should update / correct teacher data without failing in OASIS. The OASIS link is open from April 5, 2021 to April 10, 2021.

2) The names of all teachers should be updated.

3) The schools carried out practical work with an examiner not appointed by the CBSE.

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All principals are encouraged to update teacher data in OASIS on time. CBSE will compare both the data i.e. before update and after update. If it is found that the data has not been updated by the school, the following action would be initiated: –

  • CBSE will take the necessary actions in accordance with the Membership Rules and Exam Rules.
  • A personal sanction of 50,000 will be imposed on the school principal.
  • CBSE will not report the outcome of its advice.
  • The practical work carried out by an examiner not appointed by the CBSE will be canceled and the CBSE will resume the practical work of these candidates under its supervision.
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The 10th 12th CBSE Board of Directors exams 2021 are scheduled to start from May 4.

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