CDPR Sure Sounds Like It’s Making ‘Cyberpunk 2078’


Today marks the launch of Cyberpunk Edgerunners on Netflix, which last week is part of a similarly themed patch for Cyberpunk 2077. CDPR has worked hard to promote the show, which by all accounts should be very good, and they’re talking about the Cyberpunk’s future beyond what they’ve already announced, the game’s unique expansion coming next year.

Michał Nowakowski, CD Projekt’s vice president of business development, spoke to investors about the future of Cyberpunk:

“We’ve decided to develop one major expansion for Cyberpunk that will leverage all the capabilities of the next generation of consoles,” said Nowakowski. “That said, we are fully committed to further developing Cyberpunk IP beyond this particular Cyberpunk expansion.”

“We’ve put a lot of time and effort into building this franchise, and we definitely want to build on what’s been built now — with new stories, new experiences, new content, really. Not just the video game format.. As for expansions, there’s coming.” only one big expansion, but there will be new things in the future.”

It seems CDPR has discovered that the Cyberpunk IP itself is valuable and that with Night City they have created a valuable central hub for all sorts of potential projects. They start with this anime, of course, but in this current world of video game adaptations, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone picked up a live-action series at some point. The anime could be a test balloon for Netflix who later invests in a bigger project.

As for the actual games, I think they’re right to stop at one expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 itself, but it definitely sounds like the plan is to continue the franchise with a sequel developed alongside the next Witcher game. CDPR has previously said that they would be developing two major series in parallel in the future, so they’re going to stop for years and years without a major new title. While The Witcher 4 (not named by that name) will undoubtedly be their next full game release, I definitely believe that from what they’re saying here, a Cyberpunk sequel, let’s call it Cyberpunk 2078, is in the cards, hopefully with learning of the lessons from everything that went wrong with the first game. They’ve already fixed a lot of that, so the hope is that a sequel would dodge the same mistakes.

I suspect CDPR’s long-term goal remains the same, even if they never said it outright, to make Cyberpunk a futuristic competitor to something like Grand Theft Auto. It’s not impossible, just look at Cyberpunk’s first sales before bad word of mouth spread. So if they could get it Turn right next time, and maybe multiplayer next time too, I think this is going to be a formidable IP going forward, even if the first game remains a cautionary tale in the wider industry.

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