Center’s duty to deliver coal to states on time: Rajasthan’s minister in times of scarcity


BD Kalla said power generation has been negatively affected in thermal power plants


Rajasthan’s Energy Minister BD Kalla on Thursday demanded that the Center supply coal to the state in sufficient quantities so that the crisis caused by the coal shortage can be resolved.

He clarified that the Coal India companies do not have contributions to the state government and instead of supplying coal, a time-limited payment is made by the state.

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“It is the responsibility of the central government to supply coal to the states on time according to the agreement and demand, but in the last few days the companies of Coal India Limited have not supplied coal on a daily basis according to the racks prescribed for the day. in the contract, ”he said.

Mr Kalla said power generation has been negatively affected at thermal power plants not only in Rajasthan but also in many other states in the country.

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“The decline in electricity production at state thermal power plants is not an electricity crisis but it is a coal crisis, which arose due to the lack of coal supply at the level central government, “he said in a statement.

In a way, he said, the shortage of coal for thermal power plants has become a national crisis.



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