Chandigarh University Leaked Video Row: Students Demand Apologies As Protests Continue


On Sunday, a student and her boyfriend from Shimla were arrested in connection with the alleged ‘leak’ of abusive recordings from the campus of Chandigarh University. Mass demonstrations broke out on campus when students claimed that “private” and “offensive” recordings of many female hostel inmates had been posted online.

The students claimed that recordings of about 60 girls bathing in the hostel had been released. The varsity, on the other hand, released a statement claiming that only one video has been distributed. In addition, it was captured and shared by the suspect. They said the girl took the video and shared it with a friend in Himachal Pradesh.

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The 23-year-old suspect, a resident of Rohru, has been handed over to Punjab Police.

After a day-long protest, there was widespread speculation that the university was trying to hide the facts. On the one hand, the university said there was no suicide attempt and that they were willing to meet with students. On the other hand, students claimed that the university hid the “truth.”

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Students, on the other hand, indicated that they would only engage in conversation with the vice chancellor if they could do so freely in public. Students also claimed that the police used excessive force against the students who protested.

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A university student alleged that the director was misbehaving and tried to disperse them as they protested. Students also claimed that the accused received protection from university authorities, despite several complaints against her.

Meanwhile, Dr RS Bawa, pro-chancellor of the University of Chandigarh, said that “no videos have been found of a student who is objectionable, except for a personal video taken by a girl and shared by herself with her boyfriend.”

In the latest development, students have apologized to management.

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