Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek splash off the screen in the first ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ trailer


Looks like Valentine’s Day 2023… steaming. That’s because Channing Tatum’s super-stripper alter ego, Mike Lane aka Magic Mike, is back for one last commando performance.

A just-released trailer for the Steven Soderbergh-directed Magic Mike’s Last Dance premiered Tuesday and teases a hot and heavy romantic — and business — partnership between 42-year-old Tatum and new leading lady, Salma Hayek. (Watch the trailer above.)

The 56-year-old Mexican actress inherits a role previously played by West world star Thandiwe Newton, who said goodbye to the magical mike trilogy capper early in production. (Although the British tabloid, The sunreported that Newton was fired after falling out with Tatum over Will Smith’s Oscar night behavior, a spokesperson for the actress dismissed those claims as “completely inaccurate.”)

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Hayek plays Miami socialite Maxandra Mendoza, who clocks Tatum’s hapless dancer while bartending at one of the fancy parties she attends. The two bond over their thwarted dreams, and it’s not long before Mike shows off his magic moves in Maxandra’s bedroom. To say she is impressed would be an understatement.

“You came over and gave me this unexpected magical moment that made me remember who I really was,” Mendoza says during a pillow talk after the performance. And she has an offer for Mike that he has no intention of turning down. “Come to London.”

Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek star in the trilogy capper, Magic Mike’s Last Dance. (Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

Before you can say “high tea,” Mike and Maxandra have crossed the pond and she has big plans for her favorite artist. Like Mickey Rooney, he has to put on a show! His lover endows him with a patchwork of fresh-faced dancers and expects him to create a sensational stage production that will “awaken”. [people] with a surge of passion they’ve never felt before.”

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Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment earlier this year for his directorial debut, Dog, Tatum promised that he and Soderbergh plan to send Magic Mike out with a bang. “It’s going to be crazy,” he promised. “The gloves come off in this one, and it’s going to be almost unrecognizable from the other two movies in a great way.”

That is also worth noting Magic Mike’s Last Dance started filming exactly ten years after the first film became a big summer hit in 2012. Recalling one of that movie’s most famous scenes — the “It’s Raining Men” dance number — Tatum said it was inspired by his own life. “That song was used in the opening number of when I was actually stripping,” he recalls. “In the movie we tried to make it cooler than in real life. It was probably more traumatizing than cool!”

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On Twitter, magical mike stans make it clear that they have their Valentine’s Day plans ready for next year.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance premieres in theaters on February 10