Chelsea vs Red Bull Salzburg, Champions League live: score and latest updates


huhBefore we go, the Graham Potter era begins at Stamford Bridge. As those of you who followed his pre-match comments will know, tonight’s game against Red Bull Salzburg is the first Champions League game he has ever attended in any capacity.

Not that this move is a hasty promotion. There’s enough content in Potter’s work in Ostersunds, Swansea and Brighton – where he transformed playing style, slowly improving results and developing players who sold for big profits – to suggest he’s not just the flavor of the month. Although Thomas Tuchel’s dismissal came as a surprise to many, the atmosphere at the club was not good from pre-season and Chelsea fans became frustrated with their somewhat rigid and repetitive attack patterns. Aside from Potter looking to start on a positive note, Chelsea were able to make do with three points in the group after losing their opener at Dinamo Zagreb.

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The club’s new owner, Todd Boehly, was also in the headlines, talking about the opportunity to import ideas from American sports, such as a North-vs-South ‘All-Star’ game and playoffs to avoid relegation. to decide. More encouraging to Chelsea fans were his references to the Manchester City and Red Bull models, suggesting he wants a data-driven, value-seeking approach (their summer activities didn’t always seem in line with this philosophy). Potter’s first task is undoubtedly to make his team attack more fluidly.

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“It sounds strange, but I approach it the way I’ve approached every job and every football club with the utmost respect for every environment, every context,” said Potter.

“I know this is a different environment, but we’re still working with people. It’s about understanding them, treating them with respect, getting to know them.

“There are all kinds of stories, top players are this and top players are that, but in my experience people are quite complicated.

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“People have egos, people have different things that challenge and that’s the fascinating thing about this job.”

Full team news coming soon.