China Coast Guard ships re-enter Japanese waters near Senkakus


Two Chinese Coast Guard ships that had entered and exited Japanese territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands earlier on Sunday re-entered the waters in the afternoon, the Japanese Coast Guard said.

The ships, which returned around 1:40 p.m., had already entered waters near the cluster of uninhabited islets that China claims in the East China Sea earlier in the morning for several hours.

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It was the ninth intrusion this year and the last since a new law went into effect in China earlier this month that explicitly allows its coastguard to use weapons against foreign ships that Beijing considers to be entering its areas illegally. waters. Japan protested against the repeated intrusions.

Chinese ships attempted to approach a Japanese fishing boat in the area carrying three passengers, the Japanese coast guard said.

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A Japanese patrol boat deployed near the fishing boat to ensure its safety has warned Chinese ships to leave Japanese territory, he added.

Two other Chinese ships were also seen sailing in the so-called contiguous area just outside Japanese territorial waters. One of them appears to be armed with a cannon, the coast guard said.




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