China imposes unspecified sanctions on US President Nancy Pelosi after ‘provocative’ visit to Taiwan


China on Friday imposed unspecified sanctions on Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi “and her immediate family members,” the State Department in Beijing said. The sanctions were imposed following Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan.

“Ignoring China’s grave concerns and strong opposition, Pelosi insisted on visiting China’s Taiwan region, which constitutes gross interference in China’s internal affairs,” the dpa news agency quoted the ministry as saying in a statement.

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“It seriously undermines China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, tramples on the One China principle and poses a serious threat to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

The statement further added: “In response to Pelosi’s blatant provocation, China decides to impose sanctions on Pelosi and her immediate family members in accordance with the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China.”

Pelosi had visited the self-governing democratic island on Tuesday, prompting Beijing to launch air and naval military exercises with liveliness in waters off Taiwan. Earlier in the day, the Foreign Ministry had summoned the Japanese ambassador in retaliation for Tokyo’s criticism of China’s maneuvers around Taiwan in the context of the G7 group.

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The ministry said a formal protest had been handed over to the envoy. The ambassadors of the G7 countries and the representatives of the EU were also summoned on Thursday.

The G7 had expressed concern in a statement from its foreign ministers, stressing that there was no reason to use a top US politician’s visit to Taiwan as a pretext “for aggressive military activity”. Pelosi became the most senior American diplomat to visit Taiwan in a quarter of a century. For the inexperienced, Beijing considers the self-governing democratic island part of its territory and rejects any official contact with Taiwan.

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