Chris Jericho files a trademark for his CMLL ring name | TBEN


Chris Jericho registered a trademark on his former CMLL ring name “Corazon de Leon” on February 18 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

It was filed by Michael E. Dockins, who has helped various AEW stars obtain trademarks in the past, on behalf of Chris Irvine, Inc.

Here is the description:

“Entertainment in the form of a wrestling competition; Entertainment services, namely, live appearances by a professional wrestling and sports entertainment personality; Entertainment services, namely personal appearances of a professional wrestler and sports entertainment personality; Entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibitions and shows by a professional wrestler and performer; Providing news and information on control via a global computer network; To provide online interviews with professional wrestler and sports artist in the field of professional wrestling and sports entertainment for entertainment purposes. “

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The name “Corazon de Leon” means “Lion Heart”. He worked for various wrestling promotions in Mexico from 1992 to 1995 before moving to Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1994 and finally to ECW in 1996. His career took off in WCW and became a major event in WWE. .


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