Christchurch dog walker’s family dies after appeal for donations


Police closed off part of Pages Road, Christchurch as they responded to what they described as a serious incident.
Photo: RNZ/Adam Burns

The family of a Christchurch man who was fatally stabbed last week while walking his dog is appealing for financial support.

Relatives set up a Giveattle page to raise money to cover direct costs following the man’s death in hospital on Tuesday.

The man died eight days after being stabbed repeatedly in an attack on Pages Road, near Bexley Park, leaving him in critical condition.

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“Dad has been in Christchurch Hospital since he underwent multiple surgeries and fought for his life, but he lost that battle devastatingly on Tuesday.

“We are raising money for our direct financial costs.

“We dropped everything to be with Dad at bedside and want to be able to grieve without the burden of financial stress on top of an already unfathomably difficult time.”

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The costs were to cover accommodation for family from outside Christchurch, air travel for family outside the country, in addition to funeral and consultancy costs.

As of Thursday morning, more than $2,500 had been donated to the page and dozens of donor tributes.

An 18-year-old man, Bailey Messervy, appeared in court last week on charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

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He was arrested and charged with a 23-year-old woman after two Aranui properties were raided two days after the alleged attack.

Messervy was taken into custody until his next appearance on December 7.

The woman, who has interim attribution, also appeared afterwards on charges of complicity.

Police said Messervy’s charges are being reviewed following the victim’s death.


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