Christchurch police attend a serious incident, close part of the street


Police on the scene on Pages Road. Part of the road next to Bexley Park near the Velocity Karts site turned out to be the site of interest.
Photo: RNZ / Adam Burns

A man has been seriously injured in an attack in Bexley.

Police said they responded to a serious incident at 6:20 a.m. Monday and a search was underway following the attack.

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The incident happened on Pages Road between the streets of Portchester and Farnborough.

About 200 yards Pages Road had been cordoned off and half a dozen police cars were on the scene.

The RNZ reporter on the scene said it appeared that police were entering an area of ​​Bexley Park near the Velocity Karts site.

Police said someone on the relatively busy road may have witnessed the event or captured it on a dashcam, and asked anyone with information to call 111.

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They asked people to avoid the area.

A resident who lives across from Bexley Park said the park was always busy and not known for violence.