#CleanTok: How to clean your home, the TikTok way


Through Yasmine Jacobs 22 months ago

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YOU might find it hard to believe, but cleaning doesn’t always have to be a chore. Yes really. A clean house has many more benefits than making your humble abode aesthetically pleasing.

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Look no further than TikTok. The video-sharing platform offers smart and safe tips for deep cleaning your home, with its trending hashtag #CleanTok.

A washing machine does the best for your clothes. It removes pesky stains and makes your clothes smell great. But since it does all the washing, how to properly treat it and wash the washing machine? This #CleanTok video has the answer.

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How to deep clean a washing machine #cleanok #cleanwithme #cleaninghacks

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Laundry stripping

If you spend your time browsing TikTok, you may have seen the laundry stripping trend. If you’re not so familiar with laundry stripping, you are soaking your soiled laundry in a product mixture for a long time to remove dirt, stains, and product build-up.