Climate strike in the crisis – and with it its most famous face


The Swiss climate strike is at the tipping point – and with it its best-known face

Valentin Hehli (Zurich, August 4, 2022)

He helped shape the Swiss climate movement from the start: Jonas Kampus, 21, economics and physics student. The student became an activist – and a functionary?

It’s hot on Corso Taranto in Turin, unbearably hot even for this late July day. About half an hour ago, a group of a few hundred young people set off. They were just sitting in the climate camp on an orphaned school site near the Po, when suddenly someone shouted “andiamo!”, some painted their cheeks black and green and off they went. Now the crowd stops in front of the headquarters of Snam Rete Gas, the Italian gas network operator. Its site is surrounded by a wall. A few hooded figures in white suits climb onto these, holding pyro flares. They yell “A-Anti-Anticapitalista!”


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