CNN anchor tears up Republican reasoning for not calling on George Santos to resign


(You can watch the exchange below.)

People from both sides have called for Santos to resign, but Donalds has stopped, the CNN anchor noted.

Blackwell asked Donalds about the resignation calls against Santos from both sides of the aisle, but Donalds didn’t ask the embattled Republican to back off.

“As for the growing list of people asking for resignation, no, I didn’t join that simply because I don’t think that’s the job of another member of Congress to say or call for that,” he said. Donald’s. “I think that’s between him and his constituents. He has to deal with that individually.”

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Blackwell fired back at the GOP legislator before closing the interview.

“Well, I will say you call on President Biden to step down and 84 million people voted for him,” Blackwell said. “Congressman Byron Donalds, thank you very much.”

Donalds said Biden should step down in 2021, following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.


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