Colleen from ‘Love Is Blind’ criticizes Netflix for not asking about her fight with Matt during the reunion


Put down your pitchforks, Love is blind fans! Colleen Reed has reassured everyone that she is fine.

The 26-year-old ballet dancer and PR consultant successfully made her way down the aisle at the end of Season 3, saying “I do” to Matt Bolton. However, viewers were concerned about her “odd” behavior during the reunion, especially when explaining their decision to move out (which they do to honor their current leases).

And the reunion wasn’t the first time her physicality had been spotted, many accused Matt of abusive behavior throughout the season, given his short temper and controlling attitude, which led him to snap at the young woman for “flirting” with another contestant and with her friends go to club after group dinner.

“Is Colleen okay? I’m genuinely concerned. Her crafty eyes and fake smiles were so creepy this whole reunion episode. Someone please have a look at her. Matt is terrifying,†read one of many tweets that circulated after the reunion.

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Colleen put the rumors to rest in a statement to Cosmopolitan UK, where she said she wasn’t in a “good headspace” during the reunion due to the public reaction to her performance on the Netflix reality show. The outlet indicates that the reunion was filmed “shortly after” the episodes aired on Oct. 19.

She told the outlet: “Going into the reunion I wasn’t in great headroom because I was dealing with a lot of anxiety because of the negative commentary I endured during the first few episodes. Even though I knew what I was signing up for, Wasn’t I prepared at the time for the seriousness of strangers criticizing my profession which I am incredibly proud of, my character and breaking down my body/physical attributes.

The dancer continued: ‘Not only was [I] dealing with this stress, but I was embarrassed to have to look at the pool in front of everyone and talk about it,” referring to her controversial conversation with another groom-to-be, Cole. Colleen added that she “cherishes” her friendship with the other female contestants and didn’t want their relationship to change.

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The contestant also reflected on Netflix’s decision not to bring up her and Matt’s incessant arguments during the reunion, saying that they “could have given the audience a lot of clarity”.

Colleen isn’t the only one to berate the streamer for negligence. During the reunion, another contestant, Zanab, accused the production team of not showing the full story of her relationship with Cole, leading to the release of the polarizing film. “cute scene†.

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The scene shows the couple chatting about their families ahead of their planned wedding (which they didn’t go through with) and Cole making a comment about eating two small oranges before having a big dinner. Zanab responded by saying she hadn’t eaten all day, which Cole falsely attributes to bridal behavior. Open mouth, put foot in.

Love is blind Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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