Colorado woman, 89, dies after pit bulls attacked her and her grandson


An 89-year-old woman died days after she and her grandson were attacked by pit bulls at a Colorado home, police said.

The Golden Police Department said officers were sent home just west of Denver on Sept. 14 “in connection with an animal bite.” When officers arrived at the home, they found blood leading to the home and found two pit bull dogs attacking the woman, the department said.

Officers tried to get between the dogs and the woman and tried to create distance with tasers and “less lethal shotguns”, but without success.

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“Every time the officers approached the victim, the dogs circled the officers. Less lethal options were ineffective,” authorities said.

More officers arrived on the scene and were able to stop the dogs while emergency services arrived. The woman was taken to a hospital with critical injuries, while the child, who was seriously injured and was with neighbors seeking help, was taken to a nearby children’s hospital.

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