Comment: PSLE ​​and COVID-19 – the perfect storm of anxiety?


It is therefore not surprising that some PSLE ​​parents spoke earlier about wrapping their child at home as a preventive measure.

It sounds tempting. After all, we also wouldn’t want to be the ones to make my daughter’s classmates fail the exam.


Perhaps a perfect storm is brewing for students taking their PSLE ​​this year.

In addition to passing a major national exam amid a worrying wave of COVID-19 infections, my daughter and her 2021 cohort will be subject to the new scoring regime.

The new system aims to remove the fine differentiation of the old T score and benchmarking against other students. Whatever the intention, students and parents will undoubtedly experience a certain degree of uncertainty when facing something new and unknown.

To a PSLE ​​parent, this looks like a Catch-22 situation.

On the one hand, we believe that we should do more to protect them from unnecessary exposure to COVID-19 and avoid losing the chance to actually walk in front of the newspapers.

If the children are unable to take this national exam due to COVID-19, “special consideration” will be given, according to the Singapore Review and Assessment Board (SEAB). When assigning a mark, the SEAB will refer to the performance of the student concerned and the school cohort in national and school examinations.

But it’s unsettling to know that your child’s grade may be out of their control. And parents do not yet have a collective understanding of the impact this concocted year has on their eventual admission to high school.