“Committed to resolving disputes through dialogue”: army chief


General MM Naravane said the army is committed to resolving differences through dialogue. (FILE)

New Delhi:

The Indian military will firmly oppose any attempt to “unilaterally” change the “status quo” at the borders and its desire for peace and quiet should not be interpreted as a sign of weakness, the head of the Indian Army said Thursday. army, General MM Naravane. came against the backdrop of Ladakh’s stalemate with China.

In a message broadcast on All India Radio (AIR) on the eve of Army Day on Friday, General Naravane said the military was determined to resolve differences through dialogue.

He also said the military was swift and decisive in responding to the adversary’s design, but at the same time prevented the military standoff in eastern Ladakh from escalating further.

Referring to Pakistan’s cross-border terrorism, the Army Chief of Staff said the military would not hesitate to strike at the very source of terrorism to safeguard India’s interests.

General Naravane said he was confident that the military character of the army, founded on secular credentials, solid discipline and wise professionalism, would continue to build the force to meet the aspirations of an emerging India.

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The army chief said the armed forces remain vigilant and determined to maintain the “operational ascendancy” across all borders of India, be it the Line of Control (LoC), the actual line of control. (LAC), AGPL (Actual Ground Position Line) or the international border (IB with Pakistan)

“We will stand firm against any attempt to unilaterally change the ‘status quo’ at our borders, as evidenced by the fact that the military has been swift and decisive in its response, while at the same time preventing the deadlock. still escalating, ”he said.

“We are determined to resolve differences through dialogue and diplomacy. However, our desire for peace and tranquility should not be interpreted as a sign of weakness,” General Naravane said without naming China.

In a clear reference to Pakistan, he said the scourge of state terrorism has been effectively countered with relentless operations, both in the hinterland and across borders.

“The message is very clear: ‘The Indian army will not hesitate to strike at the very source of terrorism to safeguard our interests,” he said.

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The army chief of staff said the past year has been full of challenges and opportunities.


Our active borders have repeatedly tested our resolve and resilience. The Indian army has always taken care to safeguard the security and territorial integrity of our nation. Our courageous officers, JCOs (junior officers) and soldiers have given an appropriate response to our adversaries, many are giving up their lives in the highest traditions of the Indian Army, ”he said.

General Naravane said the Indian military has carved out a special place for itself in the national consciousness as an institution that prides itself on upholding its core values ​​and ethics.

“I am confident that our military character based on secular credentials, robust discipline and wise professionalism will continue to help us meet the aspirations of an emerging India.” We will forever stand firm in our determination to maintain the nation’s confidence in us. . “

General Naravane said operational challenges have been further exacerbated due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“With its large footprint across the country, the military has been able to dramatically increase the national effort,” he added.

Speaking about the modernization of the force, he said that the future demands a well-trained, modern and capable force, supremely committed to the nation, and that “common spirit” will be fundamental to success on the battlefield.

“We have taken a number of steps towards the modernization and restructuring of the forces. These include targeted strengthening of the military’s capabilities through emergency and accelerated procurement and rapid infrastructure development. These efforts have greatly improved our operational readiness, ”he added.

“Our families have also risen to the challenges we face and have provided constant support to their husbands, wives, fathers and mothers. We are grateful to you too. You are the cornerstone on which we are able to carry out our tasks. . and face these challenges, ”he said.

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