Committee to review issues raised by Sachin pilot: Congress leader KC Venugopal


Sachin Pilot was assured that the committee would resolve the issues raised by him.


The issues raised by Sachin Pilot are being considered by a committee formed for this purpose, Congress Secretary General KC Venugopal said on Wednesday, months after the former chief deputy minister and 18 lawmakers rebelled against the government led by Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan.

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The three-member panel was formed in August last year by the All India Congress Committee (AICC) after Pilot and his loyalist MPs rebelled against the Congressional government in the state, but then called for a truce after assurances from top party leadership.

The pilot camp sought to actively participate in governance and raise concerns about the “modus operandi” of Chief Minister Gehlot.

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“This committee is working … the work continues. Nothing else,” said KC Venugopal, who is also a member of Rajya Sabha, during his visit to Jaipur.


Sachin Pilot, who was sacked from his post as the state’s chief deputy and congressman following the crisis, was assured the committee would address the issues he raised.

During his visit, the secretary general of the AICC said he had come to gather comments and input from the state government on the issues to be raised in the next session of parliament.

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KC Venugopal also met with the leader of the Congress of Rajasthan, Govind Singh Dotasara.



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