Commonwealth Games 2022: Major Names and Medals for Team England, Team Wales, Team Scotland and Team Northern Ireland


Anwen Butten (Lawn bowls)

Butten takes her place for a remarkable sixth Commonwealth Games, having first competed in the event in 2002, where she won bronze in the pairs event. Her mother was also an international lawn bowler.

Natalie Powell (judo)

Powell, the 2014 Commonwealth Games champion weighing 78kg, became the first British judoka to become the world number one. Her friend Sanne van Dijke is also a top judoka and Olympic bronze medalist.

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Rosie Eccles (boxing)

Won welterweight silver in the Gold Coast, lost by split decision, and was again unlucky when she contracted a virus that left her dramatically weakened on the right side of her body – for a woman known as ‘Right-Hand Rosie’ for her striking power. She swears her time is now.

Hannah Powell (weightlifting)

The British record holder of 45 kg, the little hitchhiker grew up in Birmingham. She now competes weighing less than 49kg and is the Welsh record holder at that weight.

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Daniel Jervis (Swimming)

Devout Christian Jervis is aiming for 1500m glory in the Commonwealth Games, taking bronze in 2014 and silver in 2018. He recently came out and says he wants to be a role model for young gay athletes.

Team Northern Ireland

Rhys McClenaghan (Gymnastics)

The 23-year-old from County Down won gold on the pommel horse at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, beating Max Whitlock. Through no fault of his own, he found himself at the center of a row with the International Gymnastics Federation prior to these games, when the IGF said he could not compete for Northern Ireland because he had previously fought for Ireland. After angry intervention by politicians, including Leo Varadkar, citing the Good Friday Agreement, the federation withdrew.

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