Community in shock after Lena Zhang Harrap’s death in Ōwairaka / Mount Albert


The Mount Albert community in Auckland is shocked and saddened by the death of a young woman near the Ōwairaka estate.

Flowers left in Ōwairaka / Mount Albert for Lena Zhang Harrap.
Photo: RNZ / Liu Chen

Lena Zhang Harrap, 27, with Down’s syndrome, did not return home after going out for a walk on Wednesday morning.

His body was found that afternoon in the bush near an alley and police opened a homicide investigation.

Flowers and cards were placed at the entrance to the Mount Albert Ōwairaka estate where Zhang normally walked.

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Lucy Leslie brought flowers from her garden. She was working in special education and was devastated by what had happened.

“It is really important that people with special needs have independence and that this end is so serious as a worst case scenario and not fair at all. These people should feel protected at all costs,” he said. she declared.

Lena Harrap

Lena Zhang Harrap.
Photo: Facebook / StarJam

Another resident, Saybre Eustice, now had questions about the safety of the neighborhood.

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“We would assume everyone in our area is friendly and of good nature. Now we don’t really want to walk if that’s what’s going on in our community,” Eustice said.

Michael Field said he would overtake Zhang twice a week at the Ōwairaka / Mount Albert summit.

“I kind of branded her as an independent woman and although she clearly had issues she was stoic and strong in her own way and having that happen to one of us on the maunga, our maunga, just is horrible.”

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Kay McGarry felt broken and said her heart was broken for the family.

“We’re all here. We’re all still strong. We’re still walking here.

Police are appealing for information on a man they believe is of interest – he is described as having dark skin, bald with a distinctive mark on his forehead. He was wearing a mask and a blue sweater.

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Photo: Supplied / New Zealand Police