Corona leaks: Chiesa suggests Berset’s resignation


Corona leaks

SVP President Chiesa tightens the tone – of all things in the “Blick”: “Alain Berset should draw a line”

With Marco Chiesa, the first president of a party in the Federal Council, Alain Berset suggests resigning. He compares the case with the Austrian ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

SVP President Marco Chiesa is suggesting that Alain Berset withdraw from the government due to the Corona leaks.

Image: Keystone

Last week, SVP President Marco Chiesa was rather cautious about the Berset case. He demanded the disclosure of the interrogation protocols from the criminal proceedings against Berset’s former communications chief Peter Lauener. However, there was no question of Berset resigning. Now he finds clearer words: “Berset should draw a line,” he says in an interview with Blick. The newspaper belongs to Ringier.

A week ago it became public that Lauener passed on confidential information from the Federal Council to Ringier CEO Marc Walder during the pandemic. As of today, it is not clear whether Alain Berset knew about it. But one way or another, Berset has to “take the consequences”, as Chiesa says to “Blick”. “His resignation from government would be helpful. Look to Austria. When Chancellor Sebastian Kurz made his office available, it was a liberation for Austrian politics.”

According to Chiesa, the leak has already led to an “institutional crisis”. Trust has been destroyed in the Federal Council and among the population. Chiesa therefore calls for “complete clarification”. Whether and how quickly this will happen will be seen at the beginning of the week. On Monday, the business review commission of the National Council and the Council of States will discuss whether to open an investigation. Chiesa herself is a member of the State Council Commission. (gb)


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