Corona measures critics are now campaigning for sovereignty



Corona measures critics are now campaigning for Swiss sovereignty

The Corona measures critics Mass-Voll have submitted their sovereignty initiative for preliminary examination. They see the basic rights of the population violated.

Mass Voll President Nicolas A. Rimoldi and his fellow campaigners have submitted their sovereignty initiative for preliminary review. (archive image)

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Not only Christoph Blocher is worried about Swiss neutrality, but also the Corona measures critic Mass-Voll. Swiss popular sovereignty has been eroding for decades, they announced on Friday. The sovereign loses co-determination rights, “by decisions are shifted to the level of opaque supranational organizations”. Their solution to nip the “dangerous development” in the bud: a sovereignty initiative.

The initiative text is now complete and has been submitted to the Federal Chancellery for preliminary examination, says the movement around its founder and President Nicolas A. Rimoldi. The initiative is based on the basic idea that national sovereignty should not be undermined by international treaties or other obligations.

Do not touch the basic rights of the population

Two points are required: Switzerland should not enter into any obligations under international law that require it to interfere with the fundamental rights of its citizens. This also applies to those who are bindingly based on the case law of international courts. Explicit exceptions are reserved – for example in customs, free trade or traffic law issues.

In addition, state treaties, which are generally excluded from the initiative, should be able to be checked by the authorities and courts “for their consistency with the fundamental rights under the Federal Constitution”. Mass-Voll thinks of a basic article. This is intended to oblige the Federal Council to make reservations or to make use of an opting-out clause if there is a conflict between the constitution and international law.

Terminate contracts or leave organizations

If this is not possible, Switzerland should terminate a contract or withdraw from an international organization. The Corona measures critics mention the World Health Organization WHO and speak of an “extreme means”. These Federal Council duties should be safeguarded by the fact that the courts are not allowed to apply a state treaty if it contradicts the constitution – “even if the Federal Council should override the will of the people”.

The initiative committee has broad and non-partisan support, it said. In addition to Mass-Voll, representatives of other parties and organizations – such as the SVP or EDU – should also belong to the committee. This intends to officially go public in its “definitive constitution” “in due course”. (abi)