Coronavirus pandemic last: November 12, 2022


Here are the latest COVID-19 updates from Japan and beyond:

  • The number of foreign tourists who arrived in Japan in October increased more than 15 times from the previous month to 288,909, government data showed Friday, as the country lifted almost all access restrictions for COVID-19 on October 11.

  • Nearly 60 percent of people in Japan were not aware of government guidelines that wearing masks outdoors to protect against the coronavirus is not necessary in most casesrecent research results have shown.

  • Japan enters its eighth wave of COVID-19 infectionsShigeru Omi, the country’s top coronavirus adviser, said Thursday as the public begins to prepare for next month’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.
  • With coronavirus cases recovering rapidly across Japan, country’s eighth wave of pandemic could match or exceed previous wave’s peak of more than 260,000 daily cases seen in August, the health ministry’s expert panel said Wednesday.
  • Japan will aim to restore inbound tourism to pre-pandemic levels by 2025the tourism board said Monday, with travel demand expected to return in line with a recovery in global air traffic.

  • A panel of experts on Monday proposed that the Japanese government end the free rollout of COVID-19 vaccines administered as a special measureciting concerns about a further deterioration in fiscal health, which is already considered one of the worst of the major economies.
  • More Filipino nurses, drawn by higher salaries abroad, will leave their country as coronavirus border controls ease and hiring is becoming more aggressive, leaving the Philippines in a difficult position to solve its own shortage of health workers.

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