Country Star Trace Adkins Won’t Back Down From Supporting Trump: ‘I Don’t Ask For Forgiveness For S***’


Country music star Trace Adkins declined to shy away from his support for former President Donald Trump in a segment on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” saying he’s “not asking forgiveness for sh*t.”

Adkins’ comments came during a segment featuring him, Maher, journalist Julia Ioffe, and former Newsweek editor-in-chief Jon Meacham.

Maher, the host, suggested that America should have a diversity of opinions rather than take sides. Meacham agreed, but chided Trump supporters about accepting the rule of law.

“I think if you attack the Capitol. And you’re undermining the only thing we have to allow this other experiment to continue and I’m not saying the other side is perfect,” Meacham said.

“But I think a lot of Republicans, see if you agree. I think a lot of Republicans who don’t like Trump want forgiveness, but they don’t want to repent.”

Maher then turned to Adkins, a supporter of the former president and a guest twice on his reality TV show “Celebrity Apprentice,” and said, “Yeah. Well, we don’t have to answer that.”

Without missing a beat, Adkins replied, “I don’t ask forgiveness for shit.”

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Trace Adkins on his support for Trump: ‘I don’t ask forgiveness for sh*t’

Trace Adkins’ line about not asking for forgiveness when it comes to being a Trump supporter deserved laughter and applause from a normally left-leaning crowd.

Maher responded to his comment by saying, “Right and it shouldn’t. You have done nothing.”

That’s nearly 100% of all supporters of the Republican frontrunner by 2024. They did nothing.

And yet you have President Joe Biden here brushing them all with a broad brush and insisting they are a “threat to democracy.”

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Bill Maher challenges Adkins to say who won the election

After slashing Meacham’s ludicrous demand for Trump supporters to convert, Trace Adkins noted that his support for Trump “isn’t personal — it’s policy.”

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Meacham, it should be noted, is an occasional speechwriter for Joe Biden, appearing on MSNBC as a paid contributor to compliment the president’s “poetic” acceptance speech without revealing that he helped write it.

Earlier in the segment, Maher challenged the country star, who has had more than 20 singles reach the Billboard country music charts, to clearly answer the question of who won the 2020 election.

“Who won the last election?” Maher asked, joking that he thought he could sneak in.

Adkins replied, “Joe Biden won the last election.”

“What did you think I was going to say?”

Maher then turned and pointed out that Biden’s divisive rhetoric was a mistake.

“I thought Joe Biden made a bit of a mistake in the speech he gave a few weeks ago when he spoke about MAGA nation,” Maher opined, especially soured about his delivery.

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“I’ve been saying this for years. You can hate Trump. You can hate the people who like him or voted for him. It doesn’t mean they’re all crazy,’ he continued. “It doesn’t mean they’re all racist, it doesn’t mean they’re all bad people.”

Earlier on the show, Adkins admitted that appearing on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice” was an extremely stressful experience.

“It was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done,” Adkins told Maher, who said it was because he wanted to win.

“If you go ahead and try to win, which I wanted to win for my charities,” he explained.

Adkins was runner up on the show in 2008 and won in 2013.

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