Couple stabbed in Bronx apartment building, neighbor charged with murder


A Bronx man was fatally stabbed and his girlfriend injured during a collision with a neighbor in the woman’s apartment building, police said Saturday.

The neighbour, 65, was arrested on murder and attempted murder charges for a bloody brawl on Friday night sparked by a noise complaint, police said.

“When they handcuffed him, he laughed,” a construction worker who witnessed the scene told the Daily News.

Officers found Tyrone Quick, 45, dead with a stab wound to the chest on the sixth floor of the University Ave. building near W. 168th St. in University Heights just before 9 p.m., police said.

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His 39-year-old girlfriend was also stabbed in the torso and arm. Medics took her to Lincoln Hospital, where she is expected to survive.

“It’s wars on the third floor again,” the construction worker told The News.

The couple were in the victim’s third-floor apartment when neighbor Jose Ortiz came to her door complaining that they were being too noisy, a police source with knowledge of the case said.

A fight quickly broke out in the third-floor hallway, with Ortiz stabbing the woman in the arm. When Quick intervened, Ortiz drove the knife into the victim’s chest, police said.

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According to the police, Quick made a desperate attempt to escape. He stumbled off and took the elevator to the sixth floor before falling to the floor.

“He collapsed on me,” said a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous. “I felt his carotid artery and he was gone.”

Quick’s girlfriend rode the elevator to the first floor and collapsed, the employee said.

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“The elevator is covered in blood,” said the construction worker.

The University Heights building houses low-income residents, those with mental health issues, and the formerly homeless.

Quick lived three blocks away, but visited the building often and attended construction crew programs. His girlfriend and Ortiz also attended programs at the building, workers said.

Police took Ortiz into custody and charged him with murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, attempted manslaughter, assault and possession of a weapon. His indictment at the Bronx Criminal Court was pending Saturday.