COVID-19: Taking care of each other has become a key objective of the UAE’s Bin Ham group


Tourists in front of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi last year. Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Seyyed de la Llata ​​/ Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: It employs over 3,000 people working closely in sectors known for entertainment and recreation. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, the huge Bin Ham group quickly moved many operations online, allowing more than 70% of its staff to work remotely.

Bearing in mind the diversity of its offers, the group also quickly implemented preventive measures to guarantee the safety of customers and workers. “The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly underscored the fact that we are all responsible for each other. When putting in place security measures, we also worked on setting up remote working capabilities that would ensure the safety of our staff. While most of our workers have returned to their offices, I can say with certainty that the period of remote working has opened up our horizons even more, preparing us for any future crises ”, said Sheikh Ahmed Musallem Bin Ham Al Ameri, Director group general Bin Ham, Gulf News said.

Safety education

Training of staff and customers has become one of the main areas of focus of the company, and Al Ameri said awareness conferences are being held at clinics, hotels, travel agencies and companies. engineering and construction. Educational brochures were also distributed and social distancing measures were put in place. In fact, this attention to safety was one of the reasons the company’s hotel properties continued to operate safely during the pandemic.

Regular reviews

Sheikh Ahmed Musallem Bin Ham Al Ameri

“Of course, as with any new experience, difficulties and challenges arose, and so we formed a specialized committee to regularly review the issues and find solutions that ensure smooth operations in all areas.” , said Sheikh Ahmed.

Lama Missaoui

Lama Missaoui, sales manager at Bin Ham Travel, explained how she and her team continued to work during the pandemic. “When the COVID-19 outbreak hit the UAE, travel and tourism were immediately affected. Airports have been closed and air services have been cut off. At the end of March, we met with all of our employees and implemented a work-from-home strategy that would help them stay safe. This added sense of security, in our opinion, would also motivate them to continue giving their best, ”said Missaoui.

Fortunately, the dedication of the teams has also enabled Bin Ham Travel to become a key travel partner for public health professionals. “We had the opportunity to serve the frontline workers who were the real heroes of the pandemic,” Missaoui said. She added that the company had also benefited from a functioning digital infrastructure that allowed 70% of the work to take place through online platforms.

While full-time remote work was a challenge, Missaoui did not believe it affected productivity. “It was difficult to focus on the job responsibilities initially, but we adapted, mostly because we felt more secure and less anxious,” she says.

In fact, Bin Ham may continue to use remote work even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have seen that this achievement can happen anywhere. So, at the end of this COVID-19 journey, we will hold detailed meetings to discuss our learning, with the aim of implementing advanced solutions across the group, ”said Sheikh Ahmed.