COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo publishes 382 new cases on Saturday


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Saturday released 382 new cases of the coronavirus, marking a second consecutive day of fewer than 400 cases.

The figure represents a decrease of 56% from the previous week, with new infections in the capital declining week by week for the 34th day in a row.

A total of eight new deaths have been reported among those infected in Tokyo, while the number of COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms, as recognized by metropolitan government standards, fell from eight on Friday to 131.

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The seven-day average of new cases through Saturday stood at 400.7, down from 887.0 a week earlier.

Across Japan, 2,093 cases and 45 deaths were reported on Friday. The number of critically ill patients fell from 45 to 1,228, according to the health ministry.

The sunset from an observatory deck in Tokyo, with Mount Fuji in the background, Thursday. | TBEN-JIJI