Covid-19: Western Cape provides additional oxygen supply from outside the province


By Theolin Tembo 27 min ago

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Cape Town – The Western Cape government has said it has secured an additional supply of oxygen from outside the province as current hospital use exceeds production at the Afrox plant in the Western Cape.

On Thursday, the Western Cape government said it had put in place systems and interventions to ensure an adequate supply of oxygen to hospitals in the province, to cope with the high number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in stronger from the resurgence.

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The province said that over the past week, the combined oxygen use for public and private hospitals in the province was about 73 tonnes per day, which was higher than the production of 70 tonnes for Afrox factory in the Western Cape.

“We did, however, work closely with the supplier and secure additional out-of-province supply. The Western Cape now has five bulk oxygen tankers assigned to the daily delivery of oxygen supplies to individual hospitals.

“We continue to carefully monitor our oxygen usage, using a specially designed internal dashboard,” the province said.

“This dashboard is updated daily with the latest information, so the Department of Health and individual facilities can monitor their oxygen consumption.”

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The dashboard provides detailed information, including usage history and bulk storage space available system-wide and at facility level, allowing the province to view the entire system . thus monitoring oxygen usage throughout the province.

This allows him to identify and address any pressure point early on. The system also allows facility managers to simulate the number of patients based on facility specifications, allowing it to determine how changes in patient profile would impact oxygen supply.

“For facilities that don’t have a bulk oxygen supply, the dashboard allows them to estimate the number and size of oxygen cylinders they would need to order to provide specific treatment. It also includes a reporting tool to determine the daily pressure points in the system with regards to on-time delivery of cylinders.

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“The oxygen data is also linked to our bed and staff tracking systems. These three elements are essential for us to deliver the right health care to everyone who needs it, and these tools give us a complete picture of the capacity of our health care system every day, ”the province said.

“Our hospitals continue to be under extreme pressure and we call on residents to remain vigilant in implementing preventive measures in their daily lives.

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