COVID in Philadelphia: Philly Fights COVID Seeking Volunteers for Mass Vaccination Site at Convention Center


PHILADELPHIA (TBEN) – The Philadelphia COVID-19 mass vaccination site will reopen later this week. The senior doctor says the convention site is set up as a permanent clinic and will be there as long as needed.

For this weekend, however, they are looking for volunteers.

Philadelphia’s first mass COVID vaccination site was a success last weekend and will return to the Convention Center this Friday and Saturday.

“We schedule around three to seven people for each five-minute interval,” said Dr. Karol Osipowicz of Philly Fighting COVID.

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Dr Osipowicz says Philly Fighting COVID received 2,600 vaccines for this weekend. Although they have full-time employees, the site is mostly run by volunteers.

“We are looking for nursing students, nurses, doctors, any kind of medical professional willing to help us,” said the doctor.

On the other side of the equation, registration is open to healthcare workers who need to show up for their COVID injection. As more and more doses become available, there are plans to expand to Philadelphia.

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“We have people there who are ready to go,” said Dr Osipowicz. “It’s just a question of availability.”

Whatever phase you are in, the general public can sign up and commit to getting vaccinated in advance. This is the most effective way for Philly Fighting COVID to contact you to let you know when it is your turn.

“Last weekend over 50,000 people signed up for the vaccine and it makes it very easy for us to determine, here are the eligible people and they can make an appointment,” Dr Osipowicz said.

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Just like registration for the vaccine, registration as a volunteer is also done online. To volunteer, email [email protected]


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