Covid Lockdown Roadmap: Rules Changing From Today, May 17


Starting today, May 17, groups of up to six people and two households will be allowed to meet indoors, so people can enter their homes.

Hugs are now allowed between close family and friends, who can choose to move away or not socially. However, people are “urged to be cautious,” and broader social distancing rules will remain for adult social services, medical care, retail, hospitality and business.

Pubs and restaurants can open indoors from today and places will be allowed to serve food and drink, but hospitality advice should be followed, such as whoever sits. There will be no obligation for guests to be socially distanced at the tables during this stage.

At this point, the six-and-two household rule was introduced indoors. It will be lifted outdoors, which means people can gather in groups of up to 30 people in outdoor gardens or at an outdoor dinner.

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Home visits will be even easier, with residents being able to have up to five named visitors and more freedom to make low-risk visits outside of facilities.

Also from May 17, college students can resume face-to-face teaching on campus, replacing online courses that have been in place for months. They should be tested twice a week upon their return.

Funerals will no longer be limited to 30 mourners. Instead, capacity would be determined by how many people can be accommodated in places such as places of worship or funeral homes while maintaining social distancing.

However, the 30-person cap will remain for weddings and other types of important events, including bar mitzvahs and baptisms.

Up to 30 people will be able to participate in a support group or a parent and child group. The limit does not include children under five.

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Hotels and B & Bs may also open, meaning small-group travel will be back on the cards, with up to six people or two households meeting inside.

In addition, professional performance can now resume indoors at this time. There are no official guidelines on the number of interpreters allowed, but this will be determined based on the capacity of the venue.

Indoor sports and gymnastics classes may also open, as well as entertainment venues including cinemas and theaters. New rules will be in place for different sizes of sites.

Normal outdoor events can accommodate up to 4000 people or 50% of the venue capacity, whichever is smaller. Likewise, normal indoor events can accommodate up to 1,000 people or 50% capacity, again whichever is lower.

For large outdoor rooms there is a special limit. Up to 10,000 participants will be allowed or 25 percent capacity, whichever is lower. This means, for example, that Wembley Stadium will be able to open with 10,000 fans in attendance.

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The ban on overseas vacations is now over, in the first step in relaunching overseas travel. It is no longer illegal to go abroad, which means summer vacation abroad is now allowed, with a traffic light system for countries used.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has already announced the list of 12 countries or territories that will be on the “green” list, which means people will be able to travel to countries like Portugal and Israel without having to go. quarantine on their return.

However, vacationing abroad is “not a good idea” this year, warned a prominent Oxford University professor and government vaccine adviser – instead, he suggested that people should get used to Cornwall and Bournemouth.