Crown: besieged Princess Diana pleads ‘to be loved’ in fourth series trailer


Crown Series Four: The Wrecked Princess Diana pleads ‘to be loved’ by the Royal Family amid the fairytale facade … as Gillian Anderson recreates Margaret Thatcher’s fragile tone in a new tape- ad


The Crown has released its latest trailer for Series Four, giving fans their first chance to hear Emma Corrin’s re-enactment of the iconic voice of Princess Diana.

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The preview shows the young actress pleading for ‘being loved’ by the royal family after marrying the company at a young age, after Prince Charles was forced to marry and secure her future on the throne.

Gillian Anderson also offers her version of Margaret Thatcher’s Iron Lady raffle as she plays a ‘dangerous game’ of clashing with the Queen after being elected Prime Minister, swearing that she is not afraid of ‘ make enemies ” as she divides the nation with her parliamentarian. views.